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Let us refurbish your existing Yard Truck

Yard truck refurbishing requires facilities, equipment and trained technicians performing many disciplines such as body work, welding and fabrication, sandblasting, electrical wiring, lighting, plumbing, hydraulics, painting and de-scaling. It is an economical solution to upgrade and extend the life of your yard truck. The cost savings are significant compared to purchasing a new yard truck. Allow us to refurbish your existing yard truck to extend its life and make it more usable.

What is the process?

The Yard Truck:
A Yard Truck would be supplied by your company for the refurbishing. Our Used Truck Sales Department also has a few “as-is” units available for targeted refurbishing. The best Yard Trucks to refurbish will be older units with no depreciation remaining. These units offer the best return on investment.

The Delivery:
The yard truck will ship via flat bed into our facility and an initial inspection will take place to verify there are no hidden issues outside our standard refurbishing scope. When the job is complete and the unit has been inspected we will ship the yard truck back to you via flat bed. Inside the yard truck there will be a packet inside explaining the materials used, maintenance, installed parts warranty and a service contact to assist with any problems.

For over thirty years Eagle Mark 4 has been servicing the yard truck industry! We support a wide variety of customers from service center, yard truck dealers, small storage yards and larger multi-location port operations. Offering a full range of products & services geared exclusively toward yard trucks, it is all we do! We continue to strive to bring our customers the latest innovations and increased availability of yard truck parts. We provide yard truck parts and support at speeds even the OEM’s cannot match.