Kalmar Ottawa equipment handled at Eagle Mark 4 is supplied with detailed manuals from the factory that include a recommended equipment maintenance schedule. This extremely valuable resource has been painstakingly assembled through the knowledge, talent and experience of Kalmar Ottawa designers and engineers. No one knows more about the right maintenance intervals for their machinery than Kalmar Ottawa. 

This is the recommended season to change major fluids, not limited to hydraulic systems and drive axles. 

Factory-recommended maintenance intervals are a minimal standard and are based on normal operating conditions. This may vary depending on local climate and specific site environmental concerns like dust, mud, ice, snow, rain and excessive duty applications. It can also vary according to the operator load that’s put on the machine. 

Following factory-recommended maintenance intervals and keeping precise records is important not just for economical operation of your machinery, but also to protect your warranty. Failing to maintain your machinery according to factory specifications and suggestions may void the warranty. However, this warranty is valid as long as the machinery has been operated as designed for its purpose as well as maintained at the recommended intervals. 

And remember, Eagle Mark 4’s service department is always here to answer questions and perform routine and emergency maintenance so your spotter is always ready to go.