Yard trucks have a broad range of uses and settings in which they can be used. The off-highway Kalmar Ottawa T2 model is built specifically to move semi-trailers around warehouses, trucking terminals, ship ports, distribution centers, or any place involving a semi-trailer moving in an environment where it would not be accessing a public road. The off-highway Ottawa would not have the street legal features that a DOT (Department of Transportation) spotter would have, including speed. The off-highway Ottawa T2 spotter will have a top speed of 25 MPH and can be programmed to run at any MPH under 25. The DOT Kalmar Ottawa T2 has legal access to public roadways.

In general, DOT spotters are not permitted to run on interstate highway systems. If you are taking any trailers off site to your local warehouse, the DOT Kalmar Ottawa spotter would fit this application. Street legal features of the new DOT Kalmar Ottawa T2 spotter will include a Tier 4 (T4F, or stage V) clean idle compliant engine, and be a license-plated vehicle with a V.I.N. number and title. DOT spotters must have an annual inspection by a licensed DOT inspector. That inspection must always be with the vehicle until that inspection expires. The DOT spotter will have a top speed of around 33 MPH or more depending on year and ABS braking system.