To most Americans, the phrase P.M. usually means afternoon or evening. To some of the younger generations, they may even categorize the abbreviation as a way of electronic communication.

At Eagle Mark 4, the phrase is most commonly associated with a way to look into the future. Whether our customers refer to it as “periodic maintenance” or “preventive maintenance”, we consider it to be a very important function to your operation.

So what does this mean?

Most equipment does not have an easy life. Drivers are paid to operate machines to the extent of their ability.  Whether “funny noises” are being noticed or a head light is not working properly, typically if it can start then it can work. This means that at times, some maintenance needs can be “pushed back” on the priority list.

Here at Eagle Mark 4, we like to take a more proactive approach to the way maintenance is performed. Whether this is monitored on a calendar basis or by the operating hour interval, we find it important to have a structured program to keep the equipment up and running. As most consumers take their daily driver to the local oil change or repair center, in the logistics and transportation industry, it is not always that easy.

Our experienced technicians are trained to not only perform a standard oil change, they also follow an extensive checklist outlining the major systems of your machine. From the steer tires to the drive tires, critical components are inspected and documented.  While this may not seem necessary, something as simple as a failed tie rod end can cripple your operation. Towing charges, lost wages, or even a nasty phone call can cost money and even give your company a bad reputation.

Remember the old term, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”?

Why wait for the squeak to happen? At Eagle Mark 4, we custom tailor programs to fit the needs of any size fleet.