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What In The World Is A Yard Truck?, Yard Truck, RoRo, Spotter, Terminal Tractor

What is a Yard Truck / Terminal Tractor?

Used in moving and spotting trailers and containers around freight terminals, port facilities, and warehouses (short distances).
Operation on well maintained asphalt/concrete or gravel surfaced yards, terminals or docks.
Low mileage operation.
15 MPH vehicle speed restriction.
Vehicles are not typically licensed for highway use.
Six starts/stops per mile (typical).
Duty I Classification — LO/LO (Load On/Load Off): maximum grades of 3%.
Duty II Classification — RO/RO (Roll On/Roll Off): maximum grades of 15%.

Start ability recommendation of 14% for LO/LO and 25% for RO/RO.
Vehicles are specifically designed for this vocation (i.e., Hydraulic 5th Wheel, unique Cab and Chassis).
Retarders not considered in this vocation. Special purpose tractors which move trailers and containers onto and off vessels (roll-on — roll-off type) or from storage/staging areas to dockside cranes and/or rail terminal (lift-off — lift-on type). This vocation is characterized by relatively low mileage with level (LO-LO) or severe (RO-RO) grades. The vehicles are usually loaded one way with return trips minimally loaded (0.3 GCW). Higher than- rated axle loads can sometimes be tolerated.

Some of the unique characteristics of this type vehicle include:
*No rear axle suspension
*Hydraulically operated fifth wheel
*Very high numbers of stops/starts per mile
*Severe duty cycles

Yard Truck Nicknames Include:
Trailer Spotter
Rail Yard Spotter
Yard Jockey
Stevedoring Tractor
Port Tractor