A yard truck is a vehicle designed for moving trailers in or around commercial freight yards. It is built to accommodate a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel allowing the operator to move trailers without exiting the cab or cranking the landing gear. Once a trailer has been moved the operator can lower the trailer back to the ground and uncouple the fifth wheel without leaving the cab. A yard truck can normally move three units in the same amount of time that a standard tractor would move one unit.

How do we know if we need a yard truck?

If you are asking “what is a yard truck?” the chances are you are in need. A yard truck can increase driver productivity in most situations. The easiest way to figure out if you are in need of a truck is to track the time your drivers spend cranking up trailers prior to hooking up. Let us assist you with your decision using our extensive knowledge and experience in the yard truck industry.

Is there an exact method to know whether you need one or not?

The answer is to verify that you require additional support when moving many containers or trailers with typical truck tractors. A yard truck has numerous advantages; it is extremely efficient and cost-effective. Other options include renting a yard truck short-term, long-term, or lease-to-own.

I have more questions, who can I contact?
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