Eagle Mark 4 currently maintains a full service rental fleet.

We have yard truck rental units available nationwide and provide short-term leases in house on all our equipment. Our rental program is custom developed for each consumer; making sure you have the truck and support they require.

Primary uses: Moving semi-trailers, Terminal containers and Roll type trailers.
Surface capabilities: Any surface
Fuel Type: DIESEL ULSD (15PPM or less)
Also Known As: Yard Switcher, Yard Tractor, Yard Goat, Yard Dog, Ottawa, Trailer Jockey, Yard Spotter, Yard Switcher, Yard truck, Yard Goat, Yard Mule, Yard Horse, Yard Hostler, Yard Hustle

Full Maintenance Yard Truck Rentals


Rental demand has been high, but don’t let that stop you!

All of our yard truck rentals are full service and can be setup to include pickup & delivery. All of our rentals provide you the ability to meet growing demand or replace a down piece of equipment quickly without making a long term commitment. Eagle Mark 4’s rental fleet is constantly updated with the latest equipment and technology from the best-in-class yard truck manufacturers, so you can try before you buy.

All of our rental and lease agreements are full-service maintenance agreements. We can also customize an agreement that is more tailored to your business requirements. Our fleet includes the latest terminal truck models such as the new Ottawa T2. Rental units can include air-conditioning if desired and can be modified to meet your requirements. Our rentals allow you to better budget your costs since, with our rental trucks, the maintenance and delivery is included.

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