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What is a yard truck? What is a terminal tractor?

One unit, multiple names and multi purpose.

A yard truck is a heavy duty truck that moves trailers in and around freight yards or ports at rates of up to 5 times faster than conventional methods. The yard truck enables a skilled driver to move trailers without having to exit the cab or crank the landing gear. Once the trailer has been moved to its destination, the driver can lower the trailer back onto the ground and uncouple the fifth wheel without leaving the truck. This is all thanks to the trucks innovative hydraulic lifting fifth wheel.

Yard Truck Limits

In general most yard trucks built today can carry a lot of weight however for safety purpose they all are in the 80,000 to 81,000 lb carrying capacity; (Standard GCWR is around 96,000 Lbs). Changes to the truck and it’s components can be made to increase the safe carrying weight to well past 110,000 lbs, this could include Power Train, Axles and additional frame reinforcements.

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