Eagle Mark 4, leading supplier of Kalmar Ottawa yard trucks and exclusive parts inventory, is pleased to announce that Mike Tozzi has been named President, effective immediately. Being an energetic leader, Tozzi brings years of sales, business development, and operations experience to the position.

Tozzi formerly was the acting Operations Manager at GNCO Inc., the parent corporation of multiple material handling companies across the U.S., responsible for overseeing Eagle Mark 4, Wilson Barrett, Towlift Rental, Warehouse Systems, and Trackmobile Departments.

“We are excited to recognize Mike’s leadership and business development skills. He will continue strengthening relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and partners that will lead Eagle Mark 4 to the next level,” said Matt Adams, GNCO President. “More importantly, he’s a great fit within our culture, demonstrating our vision, mission, and values both inside and out of work.”

“My goal is to ensure that the company continues to succeed and that our employees have all the support they need,” said Tozzi. “We have plans to expand our footprint out West, positioning us to better serve our customers on a national scale.”

“The biggest challenge Eagle Mark 4 faces right now is keeping up with the amount of growth we have experienced both regionally and nationally,” said Tozzi, “Our success is a testament to the current employees’ efforts and to continue to succeed, we need to further develop and support our employees as well as recruit talented new hires.”

Tozzi helped Eagle Mark 4 achieve record revenue growth, including a 44.5% percent increase in year-to-date revenue in 2022 when compared with 2021, earning the Kalmar Ottawa Premier Partner award for the 2022 year.

As one of the country’s largest yard truck parts providers, Tozzi managed the development and launching of Eagle Mark 4’s online B2B Parts Warehouse, yardtruckparts.com, making it possible for businesses to buy yard truck parts from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

Tozzi, 29, was captain of John Carroll University’s football team while earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Leadership (’16) and holds various certificates in Leadership Development and Supervision. Tozzi was a Towlift Sales and Marketing Intern before returning as a Business Development Associate.

Tozzi is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and the Professional Gridiron Group, as well as a volunteer for the non-profit Global Empathy Now. Tozzi also serves on the board for ProtecTozz, a polycarbonate cleat guard that protects football players’ feet from injury, that he invented with his father, Dr. Mark Tozzi. In his free time, you can find Tozzi working to transition his football skills to golf, focusing on fitness, or traveling.