We are proud to announce that we have retained our Premier Partner Status with Kalmar Ottawa for 2022. We have also been awarded a Presidential Award for 2022 for the Largest Parts Sales Growth!

We will continue to strive to provide our customers with the right Kalmar product for their unique applications and back it up with superior service and parts. Visit our online Parts Warehouse.

The Kalmar Ottawa T2 is a revolution of evolution in terminal tractor design and performance. With the T2, invention and innovation go hand-in-hand. Kalmar Ottawa not only invented the terminal tractor, they have continually innovated with new engineering and design to make Kalmar Ottawa trucks the most reliable, best performing, purpose-built trucks in the business. Now, they are continuing their innovation with a new truck design and features that will make others pale in comparison.

Thank you to our loyal customers and employees whose hard work made this possible.